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Help! How do I stay sane during the Holidays?

Dear Happiness Coach,

I'm hosting a full house for Thanksgiving, including a few out of town guests who are staying overnight for a few days. How do I enjoy the holidays without getting overstressed and exhausted? I enjoy seeing family but with so many people in the house it can sometimes get overwhelming.



It sounds like you like to entertain and enjoy being together with family, the key is to manage your energy and being intentional about the gathering that you would like to create. Start at the end and think about how you want your guests to feel at the end of the holiday. Also how do YOU want to feel? Maybe you would like to feel connected and have some fun – what would that look like?

Being aware of and managing your energy can go a long way in helping you tap into your patience. How can you show up as your best self? Notice when your energy is starting to feel drained and take a few moments to yourself. This is especially important if you are an introvert! Perhaps take a 10 minute walk alone around the neighborhood or find a quiet spot to sit and just breathe for a bit. The key is to take care of your energy drain before it turns into resentment and frustration!

Since your gathering will be taking place over a few days and include overnight guests how can you make things a little easier on yourself? Maybe it includes take out and paper plates on the non-holiday days. Think about small jobs that your guests can help you with, most people like feeling useful! If possible, build in a rest day after everyone leaves. This can go a long way to refresh you after playing hostess. Try to remember the reason you are having family to gather – you are building memories and hopefully strengthening family bonds.



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