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THRIVE Retreats
Red Rocks Oasis

A luxurious retreat for fun-loving women to disconnect from the everyday and connect with themselves, each other, and the universe.


March 24 - 28, 2022 ⏐ Sedona, AZ

Image by David Sola


Because sometimes when you REALLY want to get away, you’re looking to get away from more than just a place, right?


Your feelings and perspectives about relationships, career, family, and even yourself come right along with you.


A vacation might buy a little reprieve from your problems, but it never breaks the cycle. 


Your life doesn’t change because YOU don’t change.

Sometimes a change of scenery just isn’t enough.

Image by Matthew Ronder-Seid






Five days. No obligations or distractions.


The time and space to focus on YOU, with a powerful coaching coaching program that brings you into alignment with your true self.


You’ll go home with the tools you need to build a life you love, to deepen relationships, and connect with your purpose. 

What do you say? Will you join me?

Image by Cassidy Dickens

March 24 - 28, 2022 ⏐ Sedona, AZ


Sedona is the perfect backdrop for this one-of-a-kind retreat. 


Ancient red rock formations stretch toward soaring sunsets and twinkling stars. Brightly colored desert flowers bloom beneath endless blue skies. Warm air. Quiet nights. A peaceful energy that draws you in and fills you with wonder.


What better place to disconnect than a place that feels worlds apart?

I’m ready to pack my bags just thinking about it!



Set in a valley with gorgeous views in all directions, Moondance is a private sanctuary that exudes calm. The property includes a pool, hot tub, yoga studio, zen garden, fire pit, and access to several trails.


Guests stay in airy, comfortable accommodations with options for private or shared bedrooms. This intimate venue offers just enough privacy while still allowing us to get to know each other and share a truly special experience!

Moondance Exterior (4).png
Moondance Yoga Room.png
Moondance Zen Room w: futon (1).png
Moondance Zen Room Balcony.png

Here’s what I have in store for the women who join me for the Red Rocks Oasis Retreat:


  • Signature THRIVE coaching program with the tools to shift your mindset and your life

  • Exclusive use of luxury estate with amazing amenities

  • Concierge support to effortlessly plan your travel

  • Freshly prepared meals

  • Expert-led yoga sessions and guided meditations

  • Hikes and excursions to fully experience the Sedona landscape and spiritual energy

Check out the full itinerary  for a more detailed description of the amazing-ness in store!


(subject to change)

Thursday, March 24

As soon as your flight touches down at Phoenix Airport, you’ll jump right into the retreat experience by meeting your fellow retreat goers and sharing the scenic ride to Moondance via provided van transportation. I’ll welcome you all with a wine and cheese reception, and we’ll get to know each other as we settle in. The day finishes out with a delicious meal and a gathering around the firepit.

This retreat is for you if you...


  • Are ready to devote dedicated time and energy to learn new skills that will change your life

  • Think that the best trips combine relaxation and adventure

  • Love making friends on vacation

  • Want a trip where all the details are taken care of for you

  • Are open-minded to the power of spiritual energy and manifestation

  • Enjoy the outdoors

  • Believe in the importance of self discovery

  • Are excited to learn new ways to nourish your mind, body, and spirit

  • Go with the flow and can find ways to fill down time


This retreat is not for you if you:


  • Want spa services, roomkeeping, or choice of meals

  • Need solitude or complete privacy

  • Are interested in the venue, but not the retreat program itself

This retreat was life changing for me.

I'm so glad for saying YES to this experience!

Claudia, THRIVE Retreats, Puglia Italy

Price of retreat $2750 plus cost of room

(room rates start at $159/night and vary depending on room type)

What’s Included:


Signature THRIVE Program

Sedona provides the setting, but the THRIVE program provides the magic.


 I’ll be leading three intensive workshops designed to inspire, ignite, and illuminate. Topics include:


  • Using the tools of positive psychology to improve your life, relationships, and mindset

  • Understanding and leveraging your VIA strengths to live in alignment with your true self

  • Developing healthy and sustainable habits to find peace, happiness, and meaning


Once-in-a-lifetime Sedona Experience

Included in retreat & room price are...

  • Concierge travel planning to book your flights

  • Transportation to and from the Phoenix airport

  • 4 nights accommodation in private or shared rooms

  • Daily continental breakfast

  • 2 lunches, 1 brunch, and 3 dinners

  • Freshly prepared on-site meals 

  • Guided tour of Sedona Spirit Vortices

  • Hiking trails of Oak Creek Canyon

  • Morning yoga and meditation

  • Welcome and closing receptions with wine and cheese

  • Free time to read, hike, meditate, or rest

  • Mini professional photo shoot with retouched, high-resolution images for you to keep


Not Included in retreat price...


  • Flights to and from Phoenix airport

  • Saturday night restaurant dinner

  • Optional sunrise hot air balloon ride

Image by Briona Baker
Image by Conscious Design
Image by Nils Nedel

 I could go on and on about how phenomenal this retreat is (and go into plenty more detail in the FAQ section) — but I’ll tell you something you need to know even more...

If this trip is calling to you, it’s for a reason. Aren’t you dying to know what it is?

The universe works in mysterious ways. It brings people together at the right time for the right reasons. 


I’m honored to hold the space for those special connections and inspiring shifts to happen.


There is SO much magic to be experienced at the Red Rocks Oasis Retreat, and some amazing women to share it with.


Join us!


I’d love to tell you more about the retreat and answer any questions you might have. 

Image by Sarah Dokowicz
  • Why would I hire a coach?
    If you want to make changes in your life, whether it be losing 10 pounds, starting a new career, or being a more patient person, working with someone to provide support and accountability is always beneficial. Coaching provides that support. If you need help identifying changes you want to make in your life, are at a crossroads and cannot decide which road to take, or want more time, peace and joy in your life (Yes, these are the benefits of coaching!) coaching could help you. As a coach, I will: provide accountability and support; challenge and push you to be the amazing person you are; help you move forward with the changes you want to make in your life; see you accomplish your goals
  • What are the benefits of your coaching?
    According to my clients, coaching: teaches them to live in the present moment bringing greater peace in their lives; helps them find more time by prioritizing where their time is spent; decreases stress as they evaluate and make choices about what brings happiness and fulfillment; fosters more patience and a sense of wellbeing as they learn to take care of themselves by making their own needs a priority.
  • I'm super-busy! How can I fit coaching into my already packed schedule?
    I get it. From my own experience as a mom of three as well as talking to other mothers, I know the number one challenge we face is not having enough time. You need to look at coaching as an investment in yourself and your happiness. You are worth the time and effort it takes to move toward living the life you want to live. All of my personalized coaching is done over the phone during school hours, which means you can do it from your home at your convenience. And, no travel time! My coaching starts with two 45-minute discovery calls, after which we will schedule three 30-minute calls per month.
  • How long does coaching last?
    That’s really up to you, but my experience shows it takes at least three months to make changes that will stick. No fleeting New Years resolutions happening here!
  • You mentioned accountability. Does that mean I'll have homework?
    Your only homework will be the work you need to do to get closer to your goals. Finding more time in your day is always one of my coaching goals, so I will not assign any unnecessary work. I know how precious every second is, they will not be wasted.
  • What if something unexpected happens in my life and I can't continue with the coaching?
    I know that life happens. If you need to curtail our sessions, we can tie up any loose ends and I will refund any unused sessions.
  • What is the difference between therapy and coaching?
    Coaching is about moving toward the life you want to live, not analyzing why things are the way they are. It’s inevitable, however, that during our conversations emotions may surface. Emotions are energy and moving that energy through you so you can move on is healing. If you or I feel that you need a trained therapist at any point, I can help you find the right person.
  • Are you trained as a coach?
    Yes. I trained with the Coaches Training Institute,, the number one coaching training school in the country. CTI has one of the most rigorous coaches training program in the world. Through my CTI training, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.
  • I'm not really sure what I want to be coached on. What will we cover?
    Initially, I will ask you to complete a client questionnaire. This will help you determine what you want to get out of coaching; I have plenty of exercises to get the juices flowing. Our first two calls will involve reviewing your questionnaire and doing some visioning work. We will then move on to coaching on a topic of your choice. Don’t worry about coming up with a topic – I have never had a client with that dilemma. If needed, we can always revisit your questionnaire and look a little deeper.
  • Does being a coach mean you have all the answers?
    Absolutely not! You are the expert on your life. Through coaching I provide a different perspective to help you learn more about yourself – what makes you happy, what you want out of life. Only YOU have the answers to those questions. My job is to get you thinking, lead you through thought-provoking exercises, support your efforts and hold you accountable to reach your desired goals.
  • Is coaching confidential?
    Yes, absolutely. Any conversations we have are strictly confidential.
  • Are there topics you don't cover?
    My coaching focuses on you and what you want from your life. If you are looking for a direct and explicit focus on parenting skills, my coaching may not be right for you. However, if we identify improving your parenting skills as one of your goals, we can work together to find the right person to work with you on that specific goal. My focus is on you. While our work will certainly improve lots of areas for your family, our focus will be on you and your goals.
  • When are you available for coaching calls?
    My coaching hours are school hours. I have identified that limiting my work time to the hours that my children are at school works best in our world. As a result, most of my clients are stay-at-home moms that are available during that time of the day. As long as you are available via phone during the day, we can come up with a time that works!
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