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make happiness happen!  


I'm Paula.

I help women thrive by teaching them how to boost their positive emotions, tap into their strengths and achieve their meaningful goals so they can live into their best selves. 

You are amazing!

I help you see that and step fully into your power so you can live the life you want.
Did you know that research shows that your mindset and choices contribute to 40% of your happiness? 

That's great news because it means you can choose to take action to bring more positive emotions and happiness into your life. This doesn't just feel great, research shows that positive emotions lead to more opportunities, success at work and home, and increased health and wellness.


I teach the strategies that have been proven by science to lead to thriving and flourishing. I help you to shift your mindset so you can make achieving your dreams a reality.

You have the power within yourself to achieve the life you want to live!

Ways to work with me

Learn how boosting positive emotions are good for business and your life! 

On-site Workshops

Give yourself the gift of time and space as you take a journey that will transform your life!


Get personalized coaching to reach your goals and live into your best self!

One-on-One Coaching


"I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to kickstart my explorations into my next chapter. If I could, I’d gift this experience to all of my friends. Everyone has something to gain from what Paula has to offer."

"This workshop truly empowered the ladies in the office. It allowed me to make deeper connections to my coworkers, to share things that we've all struggled with, and to find more moments of gratitude. We all took away something from this workshop to incorporate into our everyday!" 

 "I am so glad I met with Paula. She helped me reconnect and rediscover who I am and what’s important to me, and guided me through small steps that I can take to lead a more fulfilled life. I definitely feel more focused, grounded, and energized after taking her workshop."

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