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Knowing your VIA Character Strengths can help you find purpose and feel aligned with your true self. 
Paula Sacco, CPCC

Discover the Thrive Advantage

Paula Sacco, CPCC uses the science of happiness to help navigate life 50 and beyond.

You didn't reach this time of life to sit back and just let life happen. 

This is your time to...

  • realize your purpose

  • live with ease

  • find meaning

  • be healthy

  • embrace new friends

  • achieve your goals

  • boost your confidence

  • be resilient

  • do what you love

allow yourself to shine!

This time of life is full of transitions.

Your roles, your body, and your relationships are all changing.

Now is the time to create the

life you want. 

Beautiful flowers help bring a sense of calm to your daily life!
Drinking Tea

Learn how to incorporate happiness habits into your day to live with more ease and joy. Set and accomplish your meaningful goals.


Catapult your teams and build their resilience. See how bringing your whole self to work leads to success. Use scientific data from Predictive Index to create collaborative teams.


Connect with yourself and a small group of like minded women as you experience the world and learn how to thrive,

With Paula's coaching I have developed a new, fresh perspective, confidence and skills necessary to create purpose – both short and long term.


Thriving at life over 50, as an empty nester
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