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Your Path to

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Creating your own happiness and succeeding at work and home

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"I came expecting to learn skills to improve my life through 'positive thought', I did not expect what unfolded in just 24 hours - an explosion of compassion, empathy, love, kindness, generosity, curiosity and so much more." Linda Pagani, THRIVE Maine Retreat

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THRIVE Together
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Create calm and boost your resiliency during times of uncertainty

"Happiness is a team sport." Shawn Achor, leading researcher of Positive Psychology

Now more than ever you need to tap into techniques to raise your positive emotions and boost your resiliency. 


The science of Positive Psychology has given us tools that have been proven to reduce anxiety, strengthen relationships, and improve overall wellbeing.


Since social connection is the #1 predictor of happiness and you are more likely to reach your goals with accountability, join me as we THRIVE Together, a group online Happiness Habit Builder series. 


This series will teach you techniques from Positive Psychology that have been proven to increase wellbeing, improve relationships and boost overall happiness. You will learn how to put these practices into place and have the support to build them into habits.

Group meetings are held online via Zoom and run for 6 weeks.

Limited to 10 spots per group.

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“During these challenging times I have found our weekly Thrive call and Paula’s knowledge, insights and her down to earth, honest approach a way to help us focus on mindfulness, clarity and a sense of calm.  The Thrive principles and learnings are ways to live each and every day always. Paula’s genuine heart and calm approach has brought together a group to support ourselves and each other.” Lynne D., Roswell, GA

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How is it delivered?

“My work in a group with Paula has been enormously helpful during the course of the pandemic.  Paula is a gifted teacher who makes everyone feel comfortable and supported in a group where there are very different individuals.  I am excited to do the next class with her.” Debby F., Belmont MA

Who is it for?

If you are a woman looking for meaningful connections while learning tools that will help bring calm to your days then this group is for you.  

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  • Weekly interactive zoom meetings facilitated by me

  • Lessons in Positive Psychology tools and teachings

  • Weekly homework and handouts to reinforce learning and help you apply the teachings

  • Accountability partner for support and to keep you on track

  • Small group, no more than 10 participants

  • Private Facebook group

  • Recommended readings and videos

"I recommend it 100% it's a life changing experience" Claudia F., Mexico City, Mexico
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Now that you have your thriving practices in place, you can start using them to leverage your life.


Research shows that setting goals makes you happier but being happier also helps you achieve your goals!


Using the science of positive psychology to achieve your goals and find your purpose

Focus on your wellbeing and happiness, and success will follow.

Get clear on what thriving means to you personally as you get intentional about setting and achieving meaningful goals. Live life with more purpose, joy and connection while learning how to use your unique strengths fingerprint to reach your goals and make your positive habits stick. Unveil the thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your best possible self. 

This three month program is dedicated to you reaching your personal goals while continuing on your journey to thrive. 

Who is it for?

A woman transitioning from one phase of her life and into another wanting to living a meaning, fulfilling life. Completing the THRIVE Together program is a prerequisite.

How is it delivered?

3 month program includes

  • 12 group meetings delivered online weekly

  • 6 individual 1-1 coaching calls scheduled throughout the program (via phone)

  • Accountability partner to keep you on track

  • Private Facebook group

  • Bonus: Weekly worksheets to deepen your practice, make your positive habits stick and help with goal setting. 

Limited to 8 participants.

Begins Tuesday, September 15th, 12-1pm

$1150 or

3 payments of $400 (email me to register)

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Combine the transformative power of travel, the camaraderie of a small group of women with the teachings of the science of Positive Psychology - the result pure joy!


Join me on a life changing journey as you learn how to create your own happiness and wellbeing, which research has shown leads to success in both work and life. Intimate by design, THRIVE Retreats will have you connecting with a small group of women as you explore a beautiful part of the world and learn how to thrive.

THRIVE Maine 2020

Who is it for?

Women who want more from travel than just a vacation. If you have a sense of adventure, are looking for meaningful connections and a way to create more happiness in your life then this is for you!

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How it it delivered?

Weekend and week long retreats offered throughout the year.  Click here for upcoming retreats.

THRIVE Puglia Italy 2019

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