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My greatest joy is seeing women blossom and transform, gain more confidence, and starting to realize their dreams. When women start to gain more awareness and learn to stop "negative thinking," they begin doing some truly remarkable things...things that they previously may not have thought they were capable of.
Paula Sacco, CPCC

~ Claire Sheth

"I am a 45 year old mother of 4 who, like so many others, has largely “given herself away” in the name of parenting and volunteer service to my kids’ schools and our community. While all of this has been immensely rewarding, I am well-aware that our kids are getting older and younger parents are willing and able to take on the various roles I have played in town… so, now what?

Not one to be stagnate, I leapt at the chance to be a part of Paula’s “More than a Mom” series. This 6-week series was just what I needed to take me from ruminating into acting. I’m still a work in progress, but the exercises Paula tasked us with, the warmth and genuine care Paula infused into each session, and the support of my fellow participants was like a weekly hug that re-assured me that I am “more” and that the future, with all of its uncertainty, holds considerable promise. Paula’s style gently provides a nudge, not a shove, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to kickstart my explorations into my next chapter. If I could, I’d gift this experience to all of my friends. Everyone has something to gain from what Paula has to offer."

Happy Empty Nester, Thriving in her next chapter

Before joining Paula’a group I was feeling stuck. I was semi-paralyzed by fear and shame of not being/looking l like a perfect suburbia Mom. I knew (intellectually) how good I am and have it but didn’t realize it emotionally. I was also feeling lonely like I was the only one feeling this way. After joining Paula’s group I realized that I am in charge of changing my habits. I felt support from the group and recognized that we are all in the same boat! I have moved along in my goals of balancing work and home and setting my priorities.

~ Cristina Pachano

~ Gina DiRocco

Happy & thriving client in her next era

I attended Paula Sacco’s More than a Mom Workshop hoping to learn the best ways to move forward in my life, independent of my 3 kids who were growing up and out of the house. I wanted to learn strategies and ways to rediscover who I am and what interests and motivates me outside of my family. The workshop was wonderful. Paula helped us explore areas of our lives which we hadn’t thought about in years. She offered thoughtful ways to view our new roles and expertly guided us through the process of rediscovery. An added bonus was being able to connect with other mothers who are experiencing the same major life changes. I highly recommend Paula’s workshop for any mother who is not sure in what new direction they would like to take their lives.

thriving over 50

Prior to signing up for your workshop I was feeling a bit like I’d lost who I was or what my future might look like. After working with you for these last 7 weeks I’ve been so much happier with my outlook on life. I’ve continued to implement your suggestions in my life and hope to do so as a life-long skill; the tools you gave to us during our sessions are what really empower us to be more than a mom! Thank you so much for doing what you do.

~ Jill Chow

I am so glad I met with Paula. She helped me reconnect and rediscover who I am and what’s important to me, and guided me through small steps that I can take to lead a more fulfilled life. I definitely feel more focused, grounded, and energized after taking her workshop.

~ Meghan Johnson

empty nester, thriving with goals
Thriving beyond 50

From Paula’s workshop I gained a better understanding of myself, my needs, my capabilities and my strengths. As a fairly introverted person, exhausted by parenthood, with an unfulfilled ambition and new to this area, I was able to make connections with other women. The connections I made in the group and with Paula have been enlightening and freeing. I’m excited to carry on figuring myself out and feel more able to hold myself accountable while still being kind to myself.

~ Imogen Dransfield

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