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The Joyful Business Plan

Bring the joy back into your business and your life with this 12-week group program just for solopreneurs!

As a solopreneur you are your business. Use the science of happiness to help you and your business thrive.

Thriving is living life to your potential personally and professionally, and being resilient when life throws you a curveball – or two.


So often we think that success will bring happiness when actually it's the other way around – happiness brings success!

Image by Jesse Bowser

You started your business because you had a dream and a vision. The reality is that running and growing a business is not easy.

Being a solopreneur can feel lonely and frustrating as you figure out how to make your business a success. Doubts creep in as you hit one brick wall after another. The Joyful Business Plan turns that around.

First, it's about connection...

Deep, meaningful connection with other solopreneurs, yourself and potential clients. 


I'm passionate about creating a loving, engaging, energetic space for women to support each other in their journey to bring their business vision to life. (yes, I used the word love in conjunction with colleagues.)

Together, we will develop practices that have been proven to improve overall wellbeing, strengthen relationships and boost resilience. 


What is good for you is also good for your business.

As you experience more positive emotions like love, joy, gratitude, hope, serenity and pride you become more creative, uncover more opportunities and feel more confident. 

Cultivating mindfulness will provide clarity and insights to help you move in the direction that is right for you. 

You will discover and learn how to use your personal VIA Character Strengths to bring you more energy and a sense of ease as you align with your true self. 

Using your strengths helps you achieve those dream goals – the ones that have always seemed far off and unattainable yet somehow meant to be a part of your destiny.

So what do you say...will you join me?


The Joyful Business Plan is for you if you’re …

… looking for the accountability to make your dream goals a reality

… tired of feeling alone in your business

… wanting to bring more joy into your days

… ready to attract more ideal clients

... struggling to put the processes in place to get you the results you desire

…longing to live the vision you set when you started your business

...looking for meaningful connection with like-minded women



With my guidance and the research-backed tools of Positive Psychology, you’ll find that you can…

… tap into your strengths and navigate challenges with grace and resilience

… develop new habits that help you live in the moment

… identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you

… boost positive emotions to maximize joy and meaning

… feel negative emotions without getting lost in them

… find a community of women who understand you and are rooting for you to succeed

... realize your meaningful goals

What clients are saying about THRIVE programs:



"I’ve participated in several of Paula’s programs and have loved every one. She puts so much thought into each session and delivers really valuable content. But what’s really special about Paula is that she truly creates a sense of community. I felt so supported by the other women in the group and have made friends for life!"


-Claudia Figueroa



“Paula helps individuals to articulate, clarify and focus on personal goals which encompass the person's wellbeing and ability to achieve success and improve relationships with others. This transfers into confidence, accomplishments of goals and a sense of purpose and balance.”


Lynne D.


Who is it for?

If you are a woman solopreneur looking to make your business a success, while living fully, and cultivating supportive connections with other solopreneurs, then this group is for you.  


How is it delivered?

  • Intimate, safe group with no more than 8 participants

  • 1:1 coaching kickoff call

  • 12 weekly interactive group zoom meetings facilitated by me. Group meets Wednesdays 12-1pm EST starting March 2, 2022

  • Lessons in Positive Psychology tools and teachings

  • Mid-program bonus call with virtual live guest speaker

  • Mid-program 1:1 Coaching call

  • Private access to membership site with course teachings and downloads 

  • Personal VIA Character Strengths assessment

  • Private Facebook group for connecting between meetings

  • Recommended readings and videos to enhance learning


Your Investment

Pricing for the Joyful Business Plan is just $1497 paid in full with a flexible payment option of three monthly payments of $499 each.

Sign up by February 3rd and save $200!

Have questions? I'd be happy to chat to get them answered.

Are you ready to thrive in 2022?


Don't wait! Space is limited.

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