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Reset. Renew. Make Time for YOU.


Reset & Renew Retreat


An intimate at-home retreat for women to nourish mind, body, and spirit


We’ve all spent more time inside the four walls of our homes than ever before. Other than my dog, who has been just THRILLED to have company every day of the week, I think it’s fair to say that for the rest of us it’s been a mix of highs and lows.

Thankfully we’re now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel — but for many of us, our feelings are still a little complicated.


We’re excited for warm weather, but still exhausted from a looong winter. 


We can’t wait to see our friends and family, but these last few weeks and months feel harder than ever.


It’s okay — and even healthy — to experience negative emotions. But it’s important to ask yourself, what thoughts are creating these feelings? And are they really serving you?


Here’s the good news: you have the power to change them.

Image by Elijah Hail

Different thoughts = different feelings.

It’s time to choose something better.

I can help you do it!

I am SO excited to offer the Rest & Renew Retreat for a group of fun, inspiring women on

Friday, May 7th from 10:00am-4:30pm EST. 


Get ready for a full day of self-care for a group of like-minded women, filled with expert-led activities designed to nourish you in mind, body, and soul.

As we transition back toward a more social life, you might be hesitant to jump right into travel or venture out to events — so I’m bringing the fun to you! You’ll spend a full day connecting, experiencing, learning, and moving. All you have to do is say yes and join us online.


“I came expecting to learn skills to improve my life through 'positive thought', I did not expect what unfolded in just 24 hours - an explosion of compassion, empathy, love, kindness, generosity, curiosity and so much more.”

Linda P., THRIVE Maine Retreat Participant

This retreat is for you if...


  • Your uncertainty about what the next year will look like is weighing on you

  • You miss getting together with girlfriends and sharing a good laugh

  • You’re running on empty after an exceptionally draining year

  • You’re feeling anxious or tense and are holding it in your body

  • You’re finding it harder and harder to eat well and exercise

Image by Danielle MacInnes

We can’t control the future, and we can’t change the past. But we CAN make time for self care and some fun — so that we’re starting this new chapter from a good place.

I designed the Reset & Renew Retreat to do just that! And I’m bringing in a group of amazing experts that will blow you away.

Branch in a Glass Jar

Here’s what I have in store for you:

  • A session in positive psychology (led by me!) to build a mindfulness practice that will keep you grounded and teach you tools to be happier

  • A conversation with hormone coach Kathy Fritz to empower you with information on how to naturally balance hormones and minimize menopausal symptoms 

  • A lunch-time healthy cooking demo by Lauren D’Agostino (with the option to cook along!), a fabulous private chef known for healthy, fresh, plant-based dishes

  • Designated time to move your body and enjoy a mindful walk

  • A hands-on crafting experience with fiber artist and coach Lauren Altieri to make a woven bookmark and experience the joy of making something with your hands

  • A chair yoga lesson and guided meditation by instructor Jessica Petrie to calm your nervous system and release tension from your body

This experience is an affordable, accessible luxury that gives you the time and space to fill your cup after this marathon we’ve all been running!

Image by Darius Bashar

What is so incredible about this retreat is that your takeaways will be immediate AND serve you in the long term.


You’ll get:


  • The research-backed tools of positive psychology to boost your sense of wellbeing, now and in the future

  • Education on how to optimize your diet and exercise to balance hormones, with personalized recommendations from a hormone coach

  • Live interaction with a professional chef, with healthy recipes and inspiration to practice in your own kitchen

  • Gentle, whole-body exercise with instructions on how to continue your own simple chair yoga practice

  • A beautiful, hand-woven craft that you made yourself, and resources to incorporate mindful crafting into your self-care routine


And most special of all, you’ll share this experience with some seriously fun women! 


Whether you come by yourself or share with a girlfriend, the Reset & Renew Retreat is truly a bonding experience.

The value for this event is phenomenal. You get ALL of this for an early bird price of only $197 when you join by April 5. After that, the price goes up to $247.  Doors will be closing for this event on April 29th.


If you’re interested, don’t wait to reach out — the retreat is limited to only 12 women, so grab your spot early!


I hope you can make it, but if you can’t, I’m sure you know someone who would LOVE this event! The Reset & Renew Retreat would be a one-of-a-kind gift, and a beautiful start to the Mother’s Day weekend.

Paula's THRIVE program makes the science of Positive Psychology so approachable. She teaches practical ways that we can add into our lives right away to help us become happier and to thrive in life.

Sandy C., THRIVE Maine Retreat Participant



Paula Sacco is a certified positive psychology coach who works with women who want to live fully and vibrantly. Through group programs, fun retreats, and individual coaching, Paula has helped countless clients develop the skills and motivation to create happiness habits that stick. As a mom, wife, and former corporate marketer, her coaching style is warm, down-to-earth, and compassionate. She’s committed to helping her clients learn the tools they need to find true joy and meaning.

Guest Experts


Lauren Altieri is an avid knitter, weaver, yogi and coach.  She  brings her passion for creativity, mindful movement and wellness together in her classes.  

Her education includes a PhD in nursing , 200 RYT Yoga training at Kripalu,  coaching certificate through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and a Foundations of Mindfulness certificate from Rice University.

Yoga Next Door 2020-16 (1).jpeg

Jessica Petrie is a yoga instructor and owner of Yoga Next Door in North Yarmouth, Maine.  Yoga Next Door offers studio and live streamed Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga classes weekly and a full on demand Class Library of all levels (Chair, Gentle, Vinysasa, Restorative). Jessica completed extensive training in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, as well as Ayurveda Teaching.


Chef Lauren D’Agostino helps veg-curious and plant-passionate people fall in love with plant-based food and living. Offering in-home catering services for intimate groups and wellness retreats, she infuses fun, familiarity, and high-vibrations of love, joy, and gratitude - and often essential oils - into her gourmet menus. When she's not in her kitchen cooking, she's in the virtual kitchen, teaching self-conscious and intimidated cooks the plant-based fundamentals so they can master the intuitive bliss of healthy and flavorful meals in the day-to-day. A free-spirited and curious adventure seeker, astrology lover, intuitive yogi, high-vibe community builder, and happiness junkie, Lauren takes a holistic and fun-loving approach to plant-based living, both on and off the plate.


Kathy Fritz is a hormone coach on a mission to help women experience a positive and symptom-free perimenopause and menopause.  She helps women naturally balance their hormones using food, movement, and lifestyle choices to address symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue, moodiness, and sleeplessness.  Kathy’s clients lose weight, are energized, feel sexy and embrace this time of increasing wisdom.  Kathy is a graduate of Tufts University, is certified by the Primal Health Coach Institute, and has been doing group and individual coaching for 8 years.

See you there!

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