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Stop Surviving

and Start Thriving:


Using Positive Psychology to Reduce Stress, Boost Positive Emotions, and Navigate Challenging Times

Free interactive Masterclass for women looking for community, support, and the tools for meaningful change

October 26th



Nothing about 2020 has gone as any of us planned. 


For me, I expected to be in Sicily last month, hosting a retreat for a small group of amazing women. I was really looking forward to savoring good conversation over a fabulous meal, the Mediterranean Sea glimmering just outside…


Instead I’m working from home, taking care of myself and my family as best as I can. That’s the new norm for all of us, right?


But here’s what’s remarkable about this situation we all find ourselves in:


Our own circumstances might be practically the same as someone else’s, but our experiences could be INCREDIBLY different.


It all comes down to how we choose to think about them.


If 2020 has you feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed, it’s time to choose thoughts that move you from survival mode to a state of resilience and peace. 

Let’s be honest — this new normal isn’t going to change anytime soon. It’s time to break free of the thoughts that are holding you back and learn new tools to help you better navigate these unprecedented times. You deserve nothing less! I can show you how.


This interactive Masterclass is for you if you’re …

… constantly feeling frustrated, anxious, or irritable

… challenged by family dynamics and competing priorities

… struggling to set healthy boundaries and prioritize self-care

… missing support systems and community that you had pre-pandemic

… tired of living with uncertainty and having your days blur together

… ready to break through monotony and have fun again



With my guidance and the research-backed tools of positive psychology, you’ll find that you can…

… tap into your strengths and navigate challenges with grace and resilience

… develop new habits that help you live in the moment

… identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you

… boost positive emotions to maximize joy and meaning

… feel negative emotions without getting lost in them

… find a community of women who understand you and are rooting for you to succeed

What women are saying about the THRIVE program


"Paula’s course COMPLETELY changed the way I got through the pandemic. Instead of focusing on overwhelm, frustration, and uncertainty, I learned how to shift my thinking toward gratitude and self care. I can’t control what’s going on in the world, but I can control the way I think about it." Heidi S.

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"Paula's THRIVE program gave me the tools to grow from within so that I’m in control of my thoughts and feelings when life gets hard.


These are crazy times. This program is a great investment to help you ride the rollercoaster of emotions without getting thrown off!"


-Claudia F.

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“My work in a group with Paula has been enormously helpful during the course of the pandemic.  Paula is a gifted teacher who makes everyone feel comfortable and supported in a group where there are very different individuals.  I am excited to do the next class with her.” Debby F.

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