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Hi, I'm Paula.

I’ve been a life and positive psychology coach for over twelve years and have empowered countless women to find joy and live purposeful, fulfilling lives.


This looks different for everyone — but that’s what I love most about being a coach. Not only do I create the space and community to foster self discovery, but I get to witness so many beautiful and unique journeys.


The journey isn’t always easy. Believe me, I’ve been there! Before I became a coach, I got my MBA and found a career in consumer marketing that I loved … until I didn’t.  My life changed and so did I.  I left my job to take care of my three kids full-time. It wasn’t easy. (My kids are now 16, 19, and 22, and it’s still not easy!)

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During these challenging times I have found our weekly Thrive call and Paula’s knowledge, insights and her down to earth, honest approach a way to help us focus on mindfulness, clarity and a sense of calm.


Image by Olia Gozha

Not only was I navigating life with three young kids, but my health wasn’t doing so great. I learned the hard way that when you don’t prioritize self-care, it catches up with you. I began to focus on my own healing and found a parent coaching group that gave me a safe space to be supported and get back on my feet.

That coaching program changed my life. It brought me back to myself. I remembered the Paula who lived abroad in Italy and found the value of community and self care. I realized then that I could choose the thoughts that defined how I lived and felt. Once I had that reminder there was no looking back!


Sometimes to move forward you just need fresh perspective and a community to lean on. Women supporting women is a powerful thing! That inspiration led me to become a certified professional life coach through the renowned Coaches Training Institute. Paired with my certificate in positive psychology from the Wholebeing Institute, I’m able to create and guide meaningful group experiences through online programs and in-person retreats.


It’s the journey that changes us. I’m grateful that mine has brought me here! When I’m not coaching my fabulous clients, you can find me planning my next trip, reading a great book, or spending time outside with my dog.

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