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Stop Surviving

and Start Thriving:


Using Positive Psychology to Reduce Stress, Reach Your Goals and Make you Happier!

A 12-week group coaching program for women looking for community, support, and the tools for meaningful change.


Nothing about 2020 has gone as any of us planned. 


For me, I expected to be in Sicily this fall, hosting a retreat for a small group of amazing women. I was really looking forward to savoring good conversation over a fabulous meal, the Mediterranean Sea glimmering just outside…


Instead I’m working from home, taking care of myself and my family as best as I can. That’s the new norm for all of us, right?


But here’s what’s remarkable about this situation we all find ourselves in:


Our own circumstances might be practically the same as someone else’s, but our experiences could be INCREDIBLY different.


It all comes down to how we choose to think about them.


If 2020 has you feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed, it’s time to choose thoughts that move you from survival mode to a state of resilience and peace. 

Let’s be honest — this new normal isn’t going to change anytime soon. It’s time to break free of the thoughts that are holding you back and learn new tools to help you better navigate these unprecedented times. You deserve nothing less! I can show you how.


My 12-week group coaching program is for you if you’re …

… constantly feeling frustrated, anxious, or irritable

… challenged by family dynamics and competing priorities

… struggling to set healthy boundaries and prioritize self-care

… missing support systems and community that you had pre-pandemic

… tired of living with uncertainty and having your days blur together

… ready to break through monotony and have fun again



With my guidance and the research-backed tools of positive psychology, you’ll find that you can…

… tap into your strengths and navigate challenges with grace and resilience

… develop new habits that help you live in the moment

… identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you

… boost positive emotions to maximize joy and meaning

… feel negative emotions without getting lost in them

...reach your goals and create meaningful change in your life

… find a community of women who understand you and are rooting for you to succeed


Outside of the group calls, you’ll have an accountability partner and private Facebook group to help you stay motivated, and access to an online THRIVE membership portal with learning modules, videos, exercises, and resources.


This program is an investment in YOU. One that you need now more than ever. These are tools that will serve you for the rest of your life. For only $599, this is an investment that will pay itself back and then some.


We’re starting on January 14th. Start your new year fresh and learn how to make 2021 count.  I’d love to have you join us! Let’s set up a time to chat to see if this program is the right fit for you, send me an email at


Ready to sign up now?


Find meaningful connection in this time of isolation.

Online meetings are facilitated by me and run for 12 weeks.

Intimate by design, groups are limited to 10 women.

What clients are saying about the THRIVE program:



"Paula’s THRIVE course COMPLETELY changed the way I got through the pandemic. Instead of focusing on overwhelm, frustration, and uncertainty, I learned how to shift my thinking toward gratitude and self care. It’s so calming to take the time to see and appreciate all of the good things I have around me. I can’t control what’s going on in the world, but I can control the way I think about it.


Being in a group program where women support and encourage each other is so special. Paula brings people together and helps us learn from each other. The accountability is great, too! I've set positive goals such as eating healthier and exercising more. Positive psychology has given me a healthier perspective on life. 


I never want to stop doing Paula’s programs!"


-Heidi Steinert



"I’ve participated in several of Paula’s programs and have loved every one. She puts so much thought into each session and delivers really valuable content. But what’s really special about Paula is that she truly creates a sense of community. I felt so supported by the other women in the group and have made friends for life!

This program is life changing. It’s a journey of personal growth and very powerful work. Paula taught me that positive psychology isn’t about ignoring negative emotions — it’s about allowing yourself to feel them, but with healthier coping skills. This program gave me the tools to grow from within so that I’m in control of my thoughts and feelings when life gets hard.

These are crazy times. This program is a great investment to help you ride the rollercoaster of emotions without getting thrown off!"


-Claudia Figueroa


Social connection is the #1 predictor of happiness.



“During these challenging times I have found our weekly Thrive call and Paula’s knowledge, insights and her down to earth, honest approach a way to help us focus on mindfulness, clarity and a sense of calm.”


Lynne D.

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“My work in a group with Paula has been enormously helpful during the course of the pandemic.  Paula is a gifted teacher who makes everyone feel comfortable and supported in a group where there are very different individuals.  I am excited to do the next class with her.”


Debby F. 

THRIVE logo (8).png


Facilitated, interactive, weekly meetings

Thursdays, 12pm-1pm 

for 12 weeks

Starting Jan.14th



Who is it for?

If you are a woman looking to get the most out of life, to live fully while making meaningful connections, then this group is for you.  


How is it delivered?

  • Weekly interactive zoom meetings facilitated by me

  • Lessons in Positive Psychology tools and teachings

  • Private access to membership site with course teachings and downloads

  • Weekly homework and handouts to reinforce learning and help you apply the teachings

  • Accountability partner for support and to keep you on track to build happiness habits 

  • Intimate, safe group with no more than 10 participants

  • Private Facebook group for connecting between meetings

  • Recommended readings and videos to enhance learning