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50 is the new 80

My grandfather LOVED his birthdays. You have never seen a grown man so excited to celebrate the day that he was born. His favorite thing was having his family surround him as he blew out the bonfire on his cake. He simply loved life.

He felt that the plethora of years he had spent on this earth meant that he pretty much could say or do anything and blame it on his age. This mostly pertained to pulling pranks as he was the ultimate jokester. Grampy never cared what people thought of him and he lived life to laugh and have a good time. That’s not to say that he did not have hardships. He served overseas. He lost a son who was just 21. He had the normal day to day struggles that we all have but managed to find humor and laughter as he celebrated his life.

We had a bonus in my family in that my father’s birthday was two days before my grandfather’s. That meant it was always a double celebration.

The more candles the better.

This Saturday my grandfather would have been 113. I can only imagine what he’d be doing to celebrate that one!

My one regret in life is that my children never got to meet my grandfather or my father. But this week as I celebrate my youngest son’s 14th birthday I know that they’ll be there.

You see, my son is sandwiched right between the two, born the day between my father and grandfather's birthdays. The perfect trifecta. As I reach a milestone birthday of my own next spring, I think about how I want to celebrate living half a century. I’m lucky, I’ve had a good role model. I want to laugh and enjoy life. I’m saying yes to things that make me happy.

I’m not as much of a prankster as my grandfather was but I’m trying to see the humor in everyday situations and not to worry over life’s circumstances.

As I turn 50 I hope to be as he was at 80.

Loving life. Enjoying family. Making others laugh. Life is meant to be celebrated and lived joyfully surrounded by loved ones.

It’s that simple. ALL my best, Paula

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