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Marriage advice from a surprising source

This past weekend we celebrated my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary and this Saturday my husband and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage. My parents were married 34 years before my father passed away.

A total of 106 years of marriage between us.

There’s a lot of learning in those years and a lot of love but the best piece of advice my husband and I received about marriage came from a nurse who came into our hospital room as we were preparing to venture out into the world with our first born.

This beautiful young nurse sat down across from us, looked us in the eye and said these words,

“Remember each other. You are taking your baby home but remember that it started with the two of you. Take walks together. Spend time together. Don’t forget about the two of you as a couple.”

The wisdom of this message stuck with us after all these years. What made it even more powerful was the fact that we hadn’t seen this nurse for our entire stay. She appeared and then just as quickly disappeared.

We have called her our angel because not only was her presence mysterious but her words have guided us over these past 19 years.

We left the hospital that day and got busy with act of living. We went on to have two more children, bought and sold homes, moved away from family, moved back near family, changed jobs and raised teenagers.

Yet those words stuck with us.

We walk. We talk. We remember that it all started with us.

Being parents changes who we are as people and as a couple. As the children grow and the house becomes quieter remember each other.

Remember to spend time. To walk. To talk. Remember, it all started with you.

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