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Don't Just Smell the Roses

I’m addicted to watching those Enchroma videos on Youtube.

If you are not familiar with them, they are videos of people who are colorblind putting on a pair of Enchroma glasses and seeing true colors for the very first time.

There are a lot tears and most people are overcome with emotion as they look around at the world as most of see it every day. The world we oftentimes take for granted.

These people marvel at purple and orange and see true green for the first time. Colors so beautiful that it leaves grown men speechless and overcome with tears of emotion.

After I watch these videos I start looking at my world differently. I don’t just see green trees, I see the blue and the yellow within the green. I notice that within one single leaf there are many variations of green.

The wonderful thing is that it starts to spill over to other parts of my life. I hug my kids a little longer, taking in their scent and the feel of their hug around my body. I notice the myriad of tastes within a single bite of my dinner.

The world is an amazing, awe inspiring place to live.

So stop and don’t just smell the roses.

Gaze at the colors within the rose, touch the petals, and of course bring it to your nose and inhale deeply. Creation truly is magical and we are so lucky that it surrounds us everyday, we just have to remember to notice.

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