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Lessons of Love from the Laundry

Moving to Lexington with laundry upstairs

It was a time when we were drowning in diapers, mounds of laundry and three small children.

My husband PJ was working in a busy executive position and traveled frequently while I managed the bills, the house and the kids. We were happy and all healthy but it was the laundry that was slowly killing us.

Piles got bigger and the inefficiency of carrying dirty laundry downstairs only to have to carry it back up again when it was clean was driving me mad.

Then came the day I heard magic words coming from my husband’s mouth. He said he would now be responsible for all of the folding.

It only took one week before he realized what he had gotten himself into. He promptly proceeded to outsource the laundry folding to a non-household member.

I could have been upset that he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain, but instead I was amazed...amazed that I had never thought to ask for help or see that I could hire someone to help.

Suddenly I was looking at everything differently.

What were my needs? What could I use help with? Where could I do things differently to help improve my life? But most importantly why did I not think to take care of myself by asking for or hiring help?

In the end we weren’t investing in neatly folded clothes, put away promptly in our closets, we were investing in a smooth running house, peace of mind and sanity as we lived in a much more organized household.

This July will mark 27 years that PJ and I have been together.

He’s helped me realize the value of putting our relationship first as we spend time on long walks or getting babysitters when the kids were little so we could go out together.

He has been the one making plans for weekends away for just the two of us and even planned a 10 day trip for us that we still reminisce about 10 years later. We couldn’t have done some of this without grandparents to watch the kids, and for that I am forever grateful.

But it was my husband who cherished our love and our commitment to make it a priority. A priority that is the foundation of our family.

Today the kids fold their own laundry and occasionally we still navigate our way through dirty piles but I still think back to the lessons I learned.

I think about the places where I could use a little extra help, or where I can give myself a break.

The true lesson I learned from my husband and our laundry was to love myself more and for that, I am forever grateful.

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