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You are...

It’s like that new car smell, only a thousand times better.

I would hold my babies close, shut my eyes and breathe in deeply, trying to capture the smell that I knew would not last forever.

On a recent Sunday evening, I hugged my now 13 year old and breathed him in just like when he was a baby.

I say what I don’t say enough.

“You are smart.”

“You are kind.”

“You are funny.”

“You are amazing.”

He pulls away and says “But…?”

“There are no ‘buts’. You are all those things. That’s it.”

We finish our hug and I try, like I did when his entire body could fit up on my left shoulder, to capture his scent.

Then he does something that he typically doesn’t do.

He unburdens his tender 13 year heart and talks about things that have been weighing on him.

Those words had broken a spell. They had unlocked his heart and made him feel safe.

“You are….”

I hear you

I see you.


I love you unconditionally.

I have seen the power of usingacknowledgments in my coaching. They never fail to move people and they always touch their heart. To see someone is powerful, to acknowledge them is magical beyond words.

This holiday season look a loved one in the eye and say those magic words “You are….” It will be the best present they ever got.

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