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I'm a voracious reader, and I love discovering new resources that
I can share with you. Here are a few of my faves.
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Here's an interview I did recently for a Podcast with Mia Moran of Plan Simple Meals

Read my article on the Grown & Flown website:
College Life Is Like A Painting In Progress

I recently shared some insights on Collegiate Parent about “what comes next” for women going through this transition period in their lives.

As part of a panel on PepperLane, I contributed to the discussion of how three women entrepreneurs won their first customer.

My Reading List
of course, if you want to fast-track, you can always contact me
to get you going on your journey
My Reading List
My Top 10 "Empty Nest" Websites
My Top 10 "Empty Nest" Web Sites



Meetup is a great social tool that lets you find people in your local area that share a common interest. As it happens, there are "Empty Nester" groups all over the place!


For some, facing the "empty nest challenge" is rough. This article has great strategies and additional links to help overcome the difficult parts of this transition.


This couple has chosen to wander the globe being "gypsy-nesters" and not "empty nesters." They share their adventures with humor, not to mention enviable itineraries.


Real stories from real 50+ women on all types of subjects. There's a great article with 8 very helpful ideas for not just getting through the "empty nest" transition, but thriving afterwards.


Lots of fun articles on this site about travel, restaurants/food, health/wellness and more. They clearly have a desire to build a community and welcome people to share their own stories.


This site aims to be a source of inspiration and ideas for people going through any life change/event. Some of the content is open to all, but some of it requires you to become a site member, which has some perks.


Blogger Sharon shares her life-after-empty-nest experiences and covers a wide range of topics--from DIY projects to organizing to saving money. Her newsletter, which you can sign up for, is pretty entertaining!


With categories like "Bucket List," "Musings," and "Faith/Family," the blog covers a lot of ground as this mother of five "grown and flown" daughters shares her journey from chaos to quiet.


This "e-zine" started as a print magazine project in the editor's publishing class and is geared towards "mature" families. The issues are limited
(4 per year), but contain some lovely writing.


This site is for those of us who want to do more traveling in our empty-nest years, and it's chock-full of great money-saving tips that can help you travel more economically than you would have thought possible.

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