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Empty Nest, Full Life
Finding Purpose Beyond Parenting

After years of full-time parenting this is YOUR time! 

This can be a time of mixed emotions and uncertainty but it's also a time that can be fulfilling and rewarding.


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An empty nest doesn't have to feel empty.
  • Not sure of your purpose now that you are no longer a hands-on, full-time parent?

  • Want to re-invent yourself but not sure where to start?

  • Missing the social connections that you once had via your kids?

  • Interested in re-entering the workforce but afraid you no longer have the right skills?

It's never too late to reinvent yourself!
Paula Sacco, CPCC

Hello! I'm Paula Sacco and when my kids were young I joined a parenting coaching group that changed my life. I later decided that I wanted to work with women to help them rediscover themselves as they go on their motherhood journey. I became a certified coach and used my business background to start my own coaching business.  Now that I'm on my way to an empty nest (seems surreal!) I'm specializing in helping women design their own empty nest years as they find purpose beyond full-time parenting.

I live in the Boston area with my husband, our two teenage sons and a daughter who is spreading her wings at college (and our dog Desi who doesn't seem to leave my side these days).

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